Moving on…

Dear followers! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Truth is, I found love with the most awesome guy ever! I don’t feel like exposing myself on the web anymore, so I will put this blog to rest soon. I want to thank you for all the nice comments you gave me the last couple of years!



Now that’s a nice piece of meat!

Hey sexy geek, quick question: are you cut or uncut? you look cut sometimes and sometimes not lol, btw great content you have here, it motivates me to hit the gym harder. — Asked by friendlydude4

Hey friendlydude4,

I’m uncut but I my foreskin is quite short. The harder I get, the more cut my cock looks ;)

Thanks man, glad you like my blog :) Will we see more of you? :D

What games do you play on your 3DS, can I add you to my friends list? — Asked by Anonymous

Right now I’m mostly playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. Love that game! I also play Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Mario Kart and Zelda.

Yes, you can add me. Send me your Friend Code and I’ll send you mine :D

Fucking hot! Where’s that lockerroom??

Great posts - love stroking to it all! — Asked by bjrunner-deactivated20130627

Thanks man, glad you like em! Keep stroking ;)

I love you already. I have the same ideals that you have, except, sometimes I like to wake up early, cause then I feel regretful and unproductive... — Asked by masculinedelicacies

Lol, I absolutely HATE getting up early in the morning!

Thanks for following me! I definitely did the same for yours. Very and extremely sexy. I appreciate all the work you've done to this blog. — Asked by masculinedelicacies

No prob man, thanks for following ME ;) 

You are very very hot! Keep up! — Asked by welikenudemen

Thanks man :) So are you!

Hi Nice cock and balls bud. You have xtube or lifeout account? How fid you make your profile pic? — Asked by somefunnyguy-deactivated2013091

Thanks man. Yeah I use xtube to upload my vids and embed them here. Not really socially active there ;) 

I used Adobe Illustrator to make a vector graphic out of one of my photos. Took me a couple of hours to make, but it was fun making it :)

opusboy: i hope u like my pic :)
sexygeek: Fuck yeah I do! Hot! Check out his hot blog and don’t forget to follow ;)

opusboy: i hope u like my pic :)

sexygeek: Fuck yeah I do! Hot! Check out his hot blog and don’t forget to follow ;)

Fucking hot and I love his hairy legs. So sexy!


Just a tease for you guys ;)

Josh said:

am i soposed to send you my pics on here


Hi Josh, you’re not ‘supposed’ to but you can if you want to (gladly!) Use the submit feature on my blog to submit your pics and I’ll post them on the submissions page:)

Hi I was just wondering where you got this picture from? — Asked by justthinkingaboutsex

Hi, which picture are you referring to?

Hey SexyGeek :)

I’ve been browsing your blog for a long time now, and I really love your choice for men, so I want to ask if you could actually tell me the password to view your private gallery, thanks in advance :)


Thanks man :) Gallery is gone, posting on main blog now.